To help you be you. We believe in setting you on a path to discover your own answers and live out your distinction.


Enjoy workplace as a play place. Entertain, learn, sports, develop, innovate, grow, think, re-live and recognize.


Integrity – We leave a mark of difference. Trust – Our intent is always positive

Growth – We track our students’ growth. Win/win – Everyone should flourish

Course Curriculum

Career Planning


  • Understanding Career path

  • Exploring oppurtunities

  • Branding yourself

  • Designing professional Journey

  • Tracking progress

  • Learning & Development

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    ZenFu Master Leadership


  • Perform under pressure

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Connect well with your team

  • Learn peoples’ management

  • Learn power of your mindset

  • Increase confidence

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    Campus to Corporate


  • Career strategy vs cheat sheets

  • Resumes & CVs

  • Branding yourself

  • Interview Impressions

  • Presentation skills

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    Train the trainer


  • Become a certified trainer

  • Identify learning needs and set


  • Design content, exercises,

    processes and sessions

  • Overcome resistance and

    create desired behavior

  • Understand and adapt to

    different people

  • Handle difficult situations

  • Master communication to

    achieve results

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    About Us

    We empower you to live an enlightened, career fulfilled life and to leave a mark as you climb the career success ladder. We assist you to make difficult life changing choices in your career and we grow with you through your imagination and a technological lifestyle.

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    Meet The Team

    Doreen Baffoe

    Munnira Sheikh

    Moses Coffie

    Agbavitor Benjamin Justice


    "I attended ZenFuCareer courses and they are really thought provoking. I learned and I also explored myself at the same time.”

    -Abraham SAGNO

    “It is a fantastic event. I really want to attend all the courses by ZenFuCareer as I want to shine in my career at a super speed. I am a ZenFu Now.”

    -Balla Moussa Douno

    “Was not sure what they were going to teach in ZenFuCareer courses.They are different,touch the heart and provide great skills.Feeling powerful in my aptitude. I know now what I need to do to excel in my career.”

    -Prospere Nema Bamba


    ZenFuCareer provides an ideology of success among young generation especially fresh professionals and graduates. Make them ready for opportunities. This includes seminars and summits in universities to inspire fresh blood to read rich information our books and also to enroll for our courses which are NOT limited to CV writing and interview skills. In fact, our programs are creative workshops to develop personalities, professionals and passionate individuals. ZenFuCareer will also conduct open to public seminars at various venues including British Council. We also provide jobs to fresh graduates and other job seekers through gethiredsoon

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